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Salim Şener

Salim had a talent for drawing as a youth and hoped to be a schoolteacher.  At the age of 13, his father needed his help in the meerschaum mines near his village of Margı in 1970.  After a year in the mines, Salim decided to put his artistic abilities to work and learn the pipe carving trade.  He apprenticed under Ahmet Gök in the village in 1971 and his Uncle Ekrem Şener in Eskişehir from 1972 to 1974.  In the past, Salim has worked in partnership with Şevket Gezer and Yunus Ege. He is currently working in partnership with Erdoğan.

Over the years, Salim developed his unique carving style.  He began to carve the floral decorations unique to many of his pipes in 1985.  Salim has carved his signature reverse claw series since 1989.  He continues to develop new styles using the reverse claw theme.  The Salim Collection has clarity of design and exceptional detail.

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