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Şevket Gezer

Son of a meerschaum miner and carver, Şevket was born in Eskisehir in 1955.  Şevket decided to become a pipe maker at the age of 15.  After a brief apprenticeship in Eskişehir, he moved to the village of Margı and worked under various carvers, including Sadık Ercan and Ali Selver.  It was during his eight year partnership with Salim that Şevket's unique floral designs began to develop.  Şevket decided to form a partnership with his brothers Kudret and Mesut which lasted for five years.  He has been on his own since 1992, after his brothers decided to move to Eskişehir.

The Şevket Collection features a multitude of intricate floral and geometric designs.  Relief carved medallions and full-figure animal compositions are also an important part of the Şevket Collection.

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