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Welcome to SMS Pipes!!

We are happy to have you visit us and see our wide selection of premium smoking pipes. We currently feature SMS Meerschaums, finest Turkish Block Meerschaum, and and Lorenzo Pipes, renown briar pipe company of Galarate, Italy. Samil & Beth Sermet

SMS Pipes is the Internet presence of the family owned and operated SMS Meerschaums & Briars, founded in 1980 by Samil and Beth Sermet.

Samil, a native of Turkey, is the buyer for SMS Meerschaums and he deals directly with the carvers. His hometown is Eskisehir, Turkey, where a majority of the meerschaum pipe carvers live and have their shops. Samil makes annual buying trips Eskisehir and has close personal relationship with all the carvers.

Beth is the office manager and oversees daily operations of SMS Meerschaums. She personally selects all the pipes shown on the SMS Pipes web site. Beth processes all the wholesale and special orders. After living in Turkey for several years, she is fluent in Turkish and also knows all the carvers. She is also in close contact with the owners of Lorenzo Briars.

Mert Sermet, son of Samil and Beth, manages the daily operations of SMS Pipes. He is in charge of processing and shipping orders for the web site. Mert has an intimate knowledge of the pipe business both in Turkey and Italy.

We are certain that you will find the perfect smoking pipe for you on SMS Pipes.